3 Reasons You Need a Fish in Your Quiver

3 Reasons You Need a Fish in Your Quiver

Why You Need a Fish in Your Quiver

The fish shape was a massive revolution in the early 70’s - allowing shapers to run riot with their imaginations with what's possible. The fish surfboard has proved itself to be a must in many a surfers quiver. If you haven’t added a fish into your quiver lineup then here’s some useful info. 


If you're looking for speed, well the fish will give just that. With more volume than a regular board. This equates to better buoyancy, giving you more paddle power and creating speed. The fish is amazing in the smaller surf but put it to the test with a wave like J-Bay or E-Bay then you’ve got a perfect combination. You’ll be shocked at how much performance you could get from a fish and there’s good reason why this shape is still so popular among surfers! 


What size? The simple truth is getting a fish board 2-6 inches shorter than your regular board. If you're coming from a long board or if this would be your first shorter board then make sure you get more volume. 


Twin fins, Quads and Two plus are the best options. All three options are geared towards speed, if you're looking for more performance: then the Two plus one is a great option. The Twin Fin option is the purest of the lot! Quads are insane and if you’ve got an open mind you’ll be truly blown away at how good a quad set up can be. 
After watching Blue Horizon from Jack Macoy when I was a grom. You had Andy Irons raw competitive surfing and the other side of Dave Rastovich who was riding all sorts of different boards. As much I appreciated Andy’s surfing in the movie it was Dave’s riding that changed the way I wanted to surf and became open minded to trying different boards than the typical short board.
Over the years with all sorts of different shapes the Fish is still probably my favourite, it’s the most dynamic of all the smaller boards in my quiver, it flies through flat sections on mushy waves, but still drives through stand up barrels. They carry speed better than other boards and paddle like a longboard. It could be your next quiver addition if you give it a chance. The twin fin will thrive if you give it the right wave. With travel restrictions - you can explore your own backyard in South Africa with the many point breaks and world class beach breaks that we have it’s a no brainer :)
Get a Fish!!! 

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